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Fishing Report for 4.26.22

April has been nothing but unpredictable weather. Last week Steamboat had temps in the low 70’s and this last weekend we got hit with over five inches of snow. It’s difficult to predict what we can expect for the last stretch of April, but what we do know is that floating season is upon us! May really is one of our favorite times of the year. There’s nothing like hanging out on a boat all day and catching fish.

It's currently 29°F with a high of 50°F and mix of sunshine and clouds. The snow is still melting, especially at higher elevations. We’re still in between float season and lake fishing, but Stagecoach Reservoir and Steamboat Lake are starting to open up as the edges of the ice shelves are finally melting and cracking off. Once that’s fishable, your leeches and streamers are going to work really well there.

We have been on recent trips out to the tail waters and our guiding experiences have been pretty sweet. It's likely the water will be tinted, but the fish are hungry and biting. Our guides are reporting that big fish that are pushing up through there and there catching some hogs at the tailwaters. At this time, we recommend using eggs and small midges. In addition to this, the creeks and Yampa through town water are beginning to pick up. This fast-moving water results in a more off color, so we recommend using your stoneflies and eggs.

Because the weather is so variable this time of year, it's hard to perfectly predict when the snow and ice will precisely melt, but typically early May is best for lake fishing. As we head into our last week of April now is a really great time to book a trip with us. Not only is the fishing fantastic, but Steamboat in the off season is super relaxing with less people and great mud season deals and sales.

If you have any questions or need recommendations, give us a call or stop by the store. Thanks for reading and enjoy your spring!

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