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Founder & CEO

Brett hails from the town of Great Falls, Montana. Boasting more than five decades of fishing expertise, he currently marks his 30th year as a seasoned professional fishing guide and owner of Straightline Sports. Among those who have sought his services are Coach Bob Knight and Nick Faldo. Passionate about the outdoors, Brett excels not only as an adept skier but also as a proficient bow hunter.


Guide & Owner of Henderson Fly Fishing

With two decades of experience under his belt, Steve is a seasoned Straightline guide well-versed in the intricacies of our local waterways. A skilled educator, he finds delight in accompanying anglers of varying proficiencies on aquatic journeys. Steve's expertise has garnered recognition in numerous publications, including Pat Dorsey's renowned work "Colorado Guide Flies" and the Angler Guide.


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Andy stands as the resident expert in floating techniques, boasting a decade's worth of experience spanning the western reaches and beyond. Originally hailing from the renowned steelhead haven of Ohio, Andy's connection with fly fishing traces back to the tender age of 6. His extensive expertise encompasses an intricate understanding of insects, aquatic life, and wildlife.

Having secured a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University in 2009, Andy's professional journey also saw him contributing to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, further elevating his river science acumen. With a remarkable 18 years of mastery in fly tying, he's readily available to impart his skills through lessons. Keep abreast of Andy's most recent captures and insights by visiting the Troutywater Instagram or Facebook pages!




Ben's existence revolves around the pursuit of fish, a passion that courses through his veins. Whether he's engaged in the rhythmic motion of stripping streamers along the Yampa River or braving the ice-covered expanse of Steamboat Lake for winter fishing, Ben finds his true calling amidst the aquatic realms. The spark that ignited his fervor for trout hunting was kindled during his relocation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he began his angling journey at the tender age of eight.


The meandering waters of the Snake River and its tributaries nurtured years of immersive learning and evolution, shaping Ben into the adept fisherman and eventual guide he is today. His pursuits extend beyond angling, as he is an enthusiastic fly tier and a keen observer of the natural world. A day spent alongside Ben on the water guarantees more than just a fishing lesson; it promises an immersive experience. Infused with boundless enthusiasm and a diverse skill set, Ben accommodates anglers of all ages and expertise levels, ensuring a gratifying river escapade.



Born in the picturesque state of Colorado, Sean's life journey has led him to various corners of the country. It was during his formative years that his uncle, a catalyst, bestowed upon him his inaugural fly rod from Straightline, igniting Sean's enduring passion for angling. Since then, he has remained steadfastly connected to the waters of the Yampa Valley.

Furthering his academic pursuits, Sean pursued a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management at West Virginia University. This educational journey bolstered his profound understanding of the local aquatic ecosystems. Sean's expansive knowledge of these waters, coupled with his warm and approachable demeanor, positions him as an exceptional guide. Regardless of your skill level, Sean's companionship promises an enriching fishing experience that you'll treasure.




Spencer, a genuine local, was born and bred amidst the vibrant landscapes of Steamboat. The embrace of the outdoors during his upbringing inevitably steered him toward the allure of fly fishing at a tender age, a skill he acquired autonomously. His journey commenced with being dropped off at the city's apex and making his way downstream, tracing a path to the very heart of downtown where his mother plied her trade.

Fast-forward to the present, Spencer proudly embarks on his fourth season as a guide at Straightline, a testament to his enduring commitment. His guiding prowess shines brightest in his seamless interaction with diverse individuals, ranging from young novices to seasoned angling veterans. Beyond the art of fishing, he derives immense satisfaction from the profound connections he fosters, transcending the activity itself and crafting remarkable river-centric experiences for every soul he encounters.

When not immersed in fly fishing, Spencer's winter realm finds him gracefully carving through ski slopes, while the rest of his time is dedicated to leisurely pursuits along Colorado's tranquil rivers and lakeshores.



Raised in the heartland of the Midwest, Patrick Gamble's lifelong connection to Colorado has revolved around skiing and fishing. A pivotal moment in his journey was marked by his uncle's gift of a fly rod from Straightline during his early years, planting the seed of a fishing passion that would later flourish through his interactions with fellow enthusiasts.

Patrick's academic path led him to the serene landscapes of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where he pursued a degree in Outdoor Recreation. His tenure there was graced by employment at a local fly shop, where he meticulously crafted countless flies, honing his expertise. It was during a transformative summer on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula that Patrick was first immersed in the professional realm of guiding.

Driven by an unwavering zeal and a comprehensive understanding of the sport, Patrick has the innate ability to transform a day on the water into an extraordinary experience. His commitment to sharing his knowledge and passion shines brightly, making him an exceptional companion for anglers seeking memorable outings.


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