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Fishing Report for 12.21.21

Happy winter solstice, everyone! We're looking forward to longer days and colder weather. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures, we expect the ice to freeze up later this winter season. As eager as we are to get out on the ice and go fishing, the ice still is not thick enough for us to feel confident about safely guiding trips. Because safety for our customers is our number one priority, we don’t like to take any chances and we don’t start our guided ice fishing trips until we are 1000% confident that the ice is thick enough.

That said we will keep everyone updated with the ice fishing conditions as the improvements come along. Unfortunately, the regular fly fishing conditions have not been great. The Yampa is running low and clear with most of town and Chuck Lewis frozen. Hang in there! The Yampa Valley is expected to have unseasonably warm temperatures through Thursday, Dec. 23, and then the forecast is saying temperatures will drop and we will get significant snowfall. We wish everyone Happy Holidays and we look forward to things picking up here in town!

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