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Fishing Report for 10.28.21

Today is Thursday, October 28. Following the snow storm from the PNW, today it is cloudy with a high of 40°F. We can expect temperatures to warm up in the low to mid 50’s over the weekend.

The water temperatures are staying chilly throughout the day, which is good for fishing conditions. We’ve been finding good success with Midges in the morning, especially on overcast days like today the egg bite performs well because the brown trout are spawning. In addition, the streamer bite continues to be really good and we recommend staying tight to the bank throughout the day. As afternoon water temperatures begin to warm up, on occasion you can start to find the fish rising to BWO’s, especially on these overcast days. We’re past using Mahogany Duns, but you can still run a large point fly and pick up fish with something like a size 16 Pheasant Tail. As the weather warms up over the next few days and the melted snow turns the water into an off-color, a worm is another productive pattern with a nymph rig.

Be mindful of where you’re walking, especially at the head of riffles right now. Also it’s important to not target spawning fishing as the brown trout are in the middle of spawn and they already experienced a rough summer. We don’t need to make the fall tough on them. Snow is in the forecast for next Monday. When it does snow here the water temps usually don’t rise dramatically, so just downsize your flies in that kind of event. But before you change your flies, mess with where you’re fishing your flies and change the depth that you’re fishing them at while also getting the fly in front of the fish rather than making them for it. When it gets colder, the fish are more lethargic. As the water temperatures fall, the scuds start to lose their shelter so a nice scud pattern on a nymph rig works well.

With mud season in full force, the waters are less busy so it's a great time of year to get out there and enjoy mother nature. If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by the store!

Tight lines!

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