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Hoyt continues its journey of pushing the boundaries of archery innovation with the introduction of the VTM 34, their latest aluminum hunting bow, enhancing everything cherished about the Ventum model. The inclusion of Hoyt’s Picatinny rail sight mount ensures that the weight remains aligned with the bow's riser, enhancing stability during the shot cycle. The HBX Pro Cams, known for their ease of tuning and swift draw length adjustments, not only deliver an exceptionally smooth draw and shot cycle but also contribute to the overall improvement.


With an extended ATA length, the VTM 34 offers enhanced forgiveness without compromising weight, tipping the scales at a mere 4.8 pounds. Additionally, various features further elevate its performance:


  • Picatinny Rail Sight Mount: Strategically relocates weight to the bow's front, improving balance.
  • Lower Stabilizer Location: By aligning accessories in-line, the bow achieves superior balance, with the lower stabilizer effectively stabilizing it.
  • SL Side Bar Mount: Lighter than conventional sidebar brackets, the SL Sidebar mount saves weight while maintaining effectiveness, thanks to the improved balance of the bow.
  • Integrated Drop Cord Slot: A specifically machined slot on the TEC bar ensures a direct path for the Drop Away Cord on the Integrate rest to the cable.
  • Garmin Xero Trigger Wire Slot: Facilitates the secure placement of the trigger wire when utilizing the Garmin Xero sight.
  • Vital Point Grip: The renowned Hoyt grip, favored by many, comes standard with the VTM.
  • HBX Pro Cams: Renowned for their smooth performance, these cams ensure a seamless draw, quiet shot, and effortless tuning and adjustment of draw length, akin to the Ventum Pro and RX-7 models.


  • VTM 34 - 40x16x4 @ 8# 
  • Color: Bourbon
  • Dexterity: RH
  • Draw Weight Range: 60-70#
  • Draw Length Range: 26-31" adjustable

HOYT VTM 34 RH Compound Bow

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