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It’s the Best Time of the year!

Fall is in full swing! Brownies and white fish are starting to spawn, Tricos are about over,

now is the time to fish Mahogany mayfly patterns, large October caddis imitations, and attractor dries on the warmer days, fall Baetis on the cloudy days!

Streamers are also fishing well right now, try something colorful and flashy!

On your dry flies plan on fish 5x tippet and you may even lengthen and /or go to fluorocarbon to overcome refusals. Try fishing a Mahogany Dry as a searching pattern after about 11 am, if you see a rising fish, there is a great chance he will eat your dry size 14 16 Mahogany!

Fish the Mahogany in the riffles and tailouts as well. If you’re nymphing, try a 14-18 Pheasant tail, 14-18 AP Black, egg patterns, 16-18 Soft Hackle Pheasant tail,10-12 Pats rubber legs, 10-12 orange soft hackle, 18-20 olive soft hackle,

For dries, 14-18 extended body Mahogany, 16-18 irresistible Adams,18-22 Baetis,

12-14 Goddard Caddis, Don’t pass up a chance to throw a Royal Wulf, Beetle or Ant on the warmer days!

Streamers, Zonkers in olive and white 10-12, sparkle minnows 10, leeches purple, black,brown,10-12, woolly buggers 8-12 black brown yellow white.

and if ya wanna have fun…..try running the floating deer hair mouse thru the slower water…

And hang on!!!

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