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Experience customization at its finest with the latest offerings from Hoyt: the Carbon RX-7 and Carbon RX-7 Ultra, each available in two axle-to-axle lengths. Introducing the innovative HBX Pro Cam with two module sizes tailored for optimized performance across various draw lengths. As a new season dawns, promising a return to normalcy, our focus shifts to the grandeur of big game, relegating distractions to insignificance. It's a time when the whispering wind dictates our actions—a symbol of freedom.


Reflecting on the past two years, our way of life remains unaltered. The forests beckon, the mountains challenge, and bowhunting thrives. All that's left is to seize our bows and embark on the adventure. Enhancing the experience further is the Picatinny Sight Mount, seamlessly integrated into the riser for improved balance, reduced weight, and enhanced stability. The HBX Pro™ Cam elevates performance with its refined design, offering smoother operation, reduced vibration, and improved center shot accuracy, complemented by two interchangeable modules accommodating various draw lengths.


Achieving perfect bow balance is simplified with the Adjustable Quiver Mount, allowing precise customization, especially when combined with the Integrate Mounting System® and Pic Rail In-Line™ sight. The Integrate Mounting System® ensures unparalleled strength and performance, while the Short Stop™ Stabilizer effectively lowers the bow's center of gravity for a steadier hold without adding unnecessary weight. Furthermore, the SL™ Sidebar Attachment improves stabilization by lowering the mounting point, enhancing overall balance, and reducing bulk.



  • Dexterity: RH

  • Draw Length Range: 27-32" adjustable

  • FPS (ATA): 334
  • Axle-to-Axle: 34"
  • Brace Height: 7"
  • Mass Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Cam: HBX Pro Cam
  • Draw Lengths: 27-30", 30.5-32"

Hoyt Carbon RX-7 Ultra

SKU: 136601
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