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November 26th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Monday, November 26, 2018

Conditions are great for early season right now on the mountain! We saw significant snowfall over the weekend and cold temperatures are promising as most of the snow should stick around. Snow is wet and heavy which is perfect for a solid base to last for the entire season.  [Read more...]

April 11th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Winter has been holding on strong through the spring this year. We've had several sleeper pow days up on the mountain which has been excellent with no crowds and  fresh lines This morning is warm and sunny, however we should see some more snow on Thursday and Friday. Skiing powder should be fun all day on Friday with snow from Thursday night's snow and additional snow throughout the day. On Saturday morning  should be good as well, although the sun is predicted to appear again which could turn the snow to mashed potato conditions by noon. After that, clothing day on Sunday should be dry and sunny. [Read more...]

March 14th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring is creeping up on us pretty quickly! Blue skies, slushy snow, and longer days make for a super fun afternoons on the mountain! We have been enjoying sunny side laps just between 12 and 2 pm when the snow is a perfect consistency. We don't recommend going up too early because it is still pretty icy early in the morning until about 11 depending on when the sun starts shining.  [Read more...]

March 6th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The days have been sunny and it's starting to feel a lot like spring time here in the valley. We did get a nice little storm on Sunday night into Monday which made for some soft turns on Monday morning. It looks like that may have been the last storm we get for awhile though, with warm temperatures and sunny days ahead this week. Make sure to break out the spring hoodies and sunscreen because it's going to get warm out there!  [Read more...]

February 28th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We can not believe today is the last day of February! Winter has being flying by- and we are still not seeing much snow! We did see several storms last week, each one was small but every flake counts! It is nice to see that most groomers have adequate coverage and there are always  stashes to be found! Just look out for rocks, stumps, etc. that would normally be well covered by this time of year. We have seen a lot of injuries this season due to unexpected terrain and hard drops. [Read more...]

February 13th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We are finally seeing some real snow! It started to come down on Monday afternoon which softened up the mountain quite a bit for late-goers. While we were out on Monday we saw an accumulation of about 3 inches, which made for some soft laps over on Sunny Side which had almost completely cleared out by 1 in the afternoon. We kept seeing snow come down throughout the afternoon and evening which left us with high hopes for the next morning.
And Mother Nature did not disappoint! Monday morning brought with it about a foot of fresh snow!
 [Read more...]

February 6th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The storm we were all eagerly awaiting seems to be coming a little late. Over the weekend we saw a few inches here and there, with the best day being Saturday which was surprisingly soft in the trees. Snow amounts daily were low, but every flake helps! During the day on Monday we saw bursts of snow, amounting to only about an inch or so, and on Tuesday we saw a full range of weather from snow, to hail to sunshine. Tuesday visibility was very low, so we went straight for the trees, finding the best stashes in the 1:30 trees, Broadway trees and the trees near Buddy's run, just be aware that conditions are still very early-season like, meaning there are still rocks, stumps, creeks and other variables that can sneak up on you!  [Read more...]

February 1st Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Thursday, February 01, 2018

We were all hoping for some snow last night, but the storm seems to have just missed us leaving only a dusting on the summit of Steamboat resort. It's continued snowing today since about 9am, hopefully we continue to see snow coming down over the next few days! Today we headed over to sunny side, and stayed in the trees for better visibility and small pockets of powder.  [Read more...]

January 22nd Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Monday, January 22, 2018

We hope everyone got to enjoy the bit of powder we got on Sunday! Winds on Sunday afternoon meant that there was still powder stashes to be found on Monday, along with blue bird skies and chilly temperatures. Coverage has improved a lot, meaning most trees are good to go-less stumps, rocks, etc. The next storm looks like it will be coming this Thursday night- going into Friday.  [Read more...]

January 17th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It has been pretty cold in the boat this week! Today the base temperature was 2F, mid-mountain was 20F and the summit was 12F. We are experiencing the same temperature inversion that we were last week, where you'll find the coldest temperature at the base of the mountain. The skies have been blue though and the trails haven't been too icy. [Read more...]