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January 17th Snow Report

Straightline Guides - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It has been pretty cold in the boat this week! Today the base temperature was 2F, mid-mountain was 20F and the summit was 12F. We are experiencing the same temperature inversion that we were last week, where you'll find the coldest temperature at the base of the mountain. The skies have been blue though and the trails haven't been too icy. ...Read More

January 11th Snow Report

Hazel Chorney - Thursday, January 11, 2018

We had some snow show up on Wednesday, about 9 inches up top. We are pleased to say that the snow that has been falling is extremely wet, even turning to rain sometimes. We could do without the rain, but the wet, sticky snow covers the trails quickly and provides a better base that can handle the abuse of skiers and warm spells during the day. From Thursday night through Friday afternoon we are supposed to have another storm hit us, hopefully bringing another 6-12 inches. Next week will be dry, then a significant storm is coming that weekend, the 19th, and storms should continue until the end of January. Conditions have been icy in the morning, so we suggest heading up later in the day once the snow has softened a bit. For a great après ski spot, check out Los Locos, which opened just last season slopeside. 3-6 they have a great happy hour of 2 tacos and a beer for $7! Make sure to check out the salsa "bar" by the open kitchen.  ...Read More

AT Skiing Equipment

Straightline Guides - Friday, January 05, 2018

The idea of escaping into nature and away from the crowds and enjoying untouched snow may sound really good, but where do you start? There are two essential components, education and gear. We’ll tackle the equipment question in this article.

Before you consider what equipment you’ll want to acquire, think about where you’ll be skiing, how you plan on skiing, and the type of terrain you’ll most often encounter while skiing. The difference between a ski-mo/randonee racing rig (super lightweight, designed more for speedy ascents) and a sidecountry rig (resort-friendly and not intended for a lot of skinning) is vast. While often-heard logic of “light is right” will generally hold true for most touring setups, the balance of lightness and fun is crucial and largely dependent on your end goal. A heavier setup will likely require at least one solo rest day in the hut during your five-day tour while the rest of the crew is slaying; similarly, a race rig will leave you sinking and wallowing on the deepest days of the year. Remember, you’re aiming for fun—don’t let peer pressure or bargains steer your decision.

Below is a list of the essential gear you’ll need to head out on your first ski tour. Always remember, however, that no gear is substitute for training and experience—take an avalanche safety course and practice regularly with your avalanche beacons before heading into backcountry ski terrain. ...Read More

A Cold Start to January

Straightline Guides - Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Temperatures have been cold the past few days in Steamboat! There was a temperature inversion today however, and it was about 10 degrees warmer at mid-mountain compared to the base. The days have been sunny and clear, with the next chance for snow being on Saturday night and Monday morning. Trails have become thin in places with rocks poking through many trails, so if you received a new snowboard or pair of skis for Christmas, hold off on riding them until the base has improved!  ...Read More

December Snow Fall

Straightline Guides - Thursday, December 28, 2017

28" in three days! We really got a white Christmas this year with storms starting on Saturday and going through Monday! The resort opened Morningside and Sundown lifts, which meant lots of fresh powder turns for the early birds! Christmas day was incredible, life lines were not long, the powder was deep and the snow kept falling all day to keep things fresh! We are excited for more snow to come so that we can keep building this base! In the past few days holiday crowds have definitely been noticeable, so if you are going early in the morning, try and get to the gondola about 45 minutes before it opens to beat the lines, or head on over to Sundown lift in the afternoon for some sunshine filled laps, the snow has been softening later in the day, and the crowds have started to thin out in the late afternoon hours. ...Read More

Hidden Powder Stashes

Straightline Guides - Thursday, December 14, 2017

We hope everyone in Steamboat has their trail map in the freezer! This carefully planned ritual coaxes frozen H2O from the clouds, and we do need it in Steamboat! The resort recently opened up several new trails distributing the crowds across the mountain. However, we are all still hoping for some snow in the near future, and it looks like it may be coming this weekend! Snow is in the forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and we have our fingers crossed that we get some coverage to soften the machine made snow up on the resort. Although the mountain has limited trails open and limited snow, we went searching for some powder on Rabbit Ears today and it did not disappoint! Well worth the hike, Walton Peak held many powder stashes as well as bluebird skies and a nice break from the crowds.  ...Read More