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The Lowest Ski and Snowboard Rental Rates in Steamboat!

Spend less time in the rental lines and more time on the slopes with Straightline's rental service. We offer the lowest prices on rentals, expert staff advice and the latest technology and styles.

Affordable Ski and Snowboard Rentals for All Abilities!

We are in tune with the daily mountain conditions, and our staff will be sure to put you on the proper ski or snowboard for the current snow. If you are lucky enough to experience Steamboat's famous "champaign powder" we will be sure to get you on skis that will keep you floating lap after lap. If the snow has had time to pack out, we will outfit you with the perfect all-mountain carver. We're here to make your ski vacation unforgettable, and keep you happily skiing all day long!

What Kind of Skier am I?

The first step to renting skis is deciding what kind of skiier you are, this way we can set you up with the best skis for you! Take a look at the types below.

Type I

  • Prefer slower speeds.
  • Prefer cautious skiing on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch.
  • Prefer lower than average release/retention settings.
  • Prefer an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased releasability in a fall.
  • Entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification.

Type II

  • Prefer a variety of speeds.
  • Prefer to ski on varied terrain
  • Skiers not classified as Type I or Type III.
  • Prefer average release/retention settings appropriate for most recreational skiing.

Type III

  • Prefer faster speeds
  • Prefer fast and aggresive skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch.
  • Prefer higher than average release/rentention settings.
  • Prefer decreased releasability in a fall in order to gain decreased risk of inadvertent binding release.

Ski and Snowboard Rental Packages

Explore rental packages below. When you have chosen your desired package book online! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Performance Ski Package

Take your skiing to the next level with this rental package. We carry men's and women's carving skis for the intermediate to advanced skier. These are great skis for exploring new terrain. Easy turning allows for more control and responsiveness. Package includes skis, boots, and poles, we recommend adding a helmet for safety!

Number of Days Price
1 $26.00
2 $52.00
3 $75.00
4 $100.00
5 $120.00
6 $144.00
Sport Ski Package

Men's and women's all-mountain carving skis. Easy turning and a soft forgiving ride makes these skis perfect for cruising greens and blues on groomer days. Package includes skis, boots and poles.

Number of Days Price
1 $18.00
2 $36.00
3 $51.00
4 $68.00
5 $80.00
6 $96.00
Demo Ski Package

Our demo package consists of top-of-the-line Volkl equipment for thee 2017-18 ski season! These skis make use of the latest technology and can handel all types of snow conditions. If you're an intermediate, advanced or expert skier, look no further, the demo line is for you. Includes skis and poles only.

Number of Days Price
1 $30.00
2 $60.00
3 $90.00
4 120.00
5 $150.00
6 $180.00
Sport Snowboard Package

Enjoy riding with the latest Salomon snowboards and snowboard boots. Enjoy the entire mountain with our Sport Snowboard Package, which is perfect for cruising all around the resort and can take on any conditions or terrain.

Number of Days Price
1 $25.00
2 $50.00
3 $75.00
4 $100.00
5 $125.00
6 $150.00
Kids Snowboard Package

Salomon snowboards and snowboard boots for the junior rider.

Number of Days Price
1 $15.00
2 $30.00
3 $45.00
4 $60.00
5 $75.00
6 $90.00
Kids Performance Ski Package

Ride the entire mountain, even the terrain park, with these twin tip skis! Includes skis, boots and poles.

Number of Days Price
1 $16.00
2 $32.00
3 $45.00
4 $60.00
5 $70.00
6 $84.00
Kids Sport Ski Package

Great skis for kids who have some ski experience and those who are just learning. Includes skis, boots and poles.

Number of Days Price
1 $13.00
2 $26.00
3 $36.00
4 $48.00
5 $55.00
6 $66.00
Snow Helmet Rental

Stay safe on the slopes with a rental snow helmet!

Number of Days Price
1 $5.00
2 $10.00
3 $15.00
4 $20.00
5 $25.00
6 $30.00